12 hours to eat and play in Hoi An

"Coming to Hoi An in one day, don't just go to the old town because there are many other beautiful places," said Dao Linh, a Hanoi tourist.

What to eat in Hoi An? Experience enjoying old town specialties

Not only attracting tourists by its ancient and peaceful beauty, Hoi An specialties are also highlights that visitors should not miss when coming here.

Top 23 super beautiful Hoi An tourist destinations

Guangdong Assembly Hall is a unique Hoi An tourist destination, built at the end of 1885 with elaborate and sophisticated architecture. It houses many beautiful and sharp ceramic artifacts. All architectural spaces, interiors here are like sketches of the daily life of Cantonese people in ancient times.

What is the most beautiful season to travel to Hoi An?

According to the Hoi An travel experience of many travel enthusiasts, Hoi An is beautiful every season. However, the most ideal time to visit the old town is from February – May 2. Specifically, Hoi An weather at each time of the year is as follows.


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